I am completely obsessed with interior design. When I was just a young girl I would constantly rearrange my bedroom to make it feel new and fresh. It has been interesting to see how my tastes have evolved over the years. I used to be very traditional but have now grown into a more modern-natural-global style. It really started to evolve into what it is today when I started travelling internationally. I take pieces from each place I visit and incorporate it into my design.

thai beads close up

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Our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house. The soft cool tones of blue, paired with crisp white linens, and metallic finishes make me never want to leave my little cocoon of tranquility. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get up in the morning!

The first piece we bought was our headboard. It was the foundation that the whole rest of the space was built around. For me the showstopper should be the bed; I mean, it’s called a “bed” room, right? When picking my color scheme I needed to keep my husband in mind: no pinks and girly-frilly things! I wanted the room to feel romantic and glamorous so I opted for all white linens.

linens copy

It is SO important to layer different textures into your linens, especially when you have a monochromatic color scheme.  Texture turns a boring bed into a cozy retreat that just begs you to cuddle up and hit the snooze on your alarm.  I started off with a satin-quilted blanket, then added a puffy-pin tuck duvet, and finished with the Pièce de résistance my Moroccan wedding blanket.  I have been obsessing and pining over Moroccan wedding blankets for years now. These hand-made blankets are pieces of art that add culture and texture to any bed.

I personally love decorative pillows even though I am sure more than 90% of men hate them!  I am definitely the one who takes them off the bed at night and puts them back on each morning, but it is worth it. Think of them as the icing on a cake.  I began with two pin tucked shams, and then I brought more texture in with a pair of fun and funky Mongolian lamb fur pillows.  I couldn’t quite find a throw pillow I loved to finish off the ensemble so I made my own.  I covered a cheap pillow with a sarong I picked up while in Thailand and a tribal belt found in Hawaii: voila.

tv area

I used the bed as my jumping off point to buy the rest of our furniture.  I incorporated mirrored pieces including a wardrobe and bedside tables to tie into the silver-nail-head detail that framed our headboard and small metal bobbles from the Moroccan wedding blanket.  Tip: if you have a small space, incorporating mirrored furniture will help to open the room up.   It reflects the room and light, fooling the eye and making it seem larger than it is.  I needed to add a bit more of a masculine feel to balance the glamorous mirrored pieces.  I opted for a streamline walnut dresser which pulls in the tones from the Mongolian pillows and driftwood hanging on the wall.  Tip: DON’T be fooled into heading to your favorite home décor store and buying their matching bed, dressers, and mirror set.  Opt instead for buying different pieces that relate to each other to give it a custom and unique look.


After adding the wardrobe, bedside tables, and dresser, I had just enough space to create a small reading nook.  It is one of my favorite places to curl up with a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day.  My husband and I love bringing nature into our home and always look for standout pieces that bring the outside in.  We found this amazing sequoia console table that was cast from the unearthing of an Acacia tree.  It marries nature and glam by combining a rough texture with polished silver leafing, pairing perfectly with the natural walnut dresser and elegant mirrored pieces.  I finished off the area with a streamlined blue chair and palmer stool.

reading nook

leopard close up

As an artist and designer, I believe art can have an important impact on how a room feels.  I used my own abstract photography, which can be found here at Ashley Adams Photography, to add a modern feel.  I chose soft blue hues to help create a calming feeling in the room.  To finish off the space, I filled the empty dressers and side tables with treasures from my travels.  I love looking around and being surrounded by all the places I have been in the world.  Each time I look around the room, I am constantly reminded of the thoughts and adventures of each trip.  I hope this inspires you to create your own little oasis!

lpcose u turkish bath

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