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  • I haven’t posted in quite a while. Yesterday I was supposed to land in Kenya for a 15 day safari. Instead, we said goodbye to my sweet mother, Beckie. Last week she was admitted to the ER and she passed on Tuesday.  It’s been such a whirlwind.  I’ll be back soon enough.
  • So excited already packed for The next adventure exactly 33lbs! @closet_factory makes packing for my trips an absolute breeze!!!! Fiber Art installation by @stefaniebeth99 !!! #chic_villa
  • Quick tip: when you travel think about curating multiples of a single item to make a feature art piece in your home! I picked these Asian calligraphy brushes up from the jade market in Hong Kong! #chic_villa
  • I can’t believe our dream spa bathroom is almost done!!!! A huge thank you to @nfinteriors and @modifiedconstruction for making our dreams a reality! #chic_villa
  • My favorite knitting nook in the #chic_villa !
  • A sneak peak inside one of @americanviking83 mini walk in closets! We had such a blast being DIY weekend warriors this past Summer! Turning his two black hole closets into functional “mini” walk in closets made all the difference! #chic_villa