A good day in Chicville USA includes five-inch heels, nude lipstick, and kick ass caipirinhas.  For me, style is 24/7.  I don’t save the finer things in life for special occasions.  I celebrate them everyday, whether it’s using my grandmother’s china or rocking an out-of-this-world dress that has been hiding in my closet on a random Wednesday, just because.  I live life to enjoy it and part of that is trying to make everyday extraordinary.

I AM AN ARTIST.  My biggest inspiration as an artist is travel.  As a photographer, I routinely seek out the colors, lines, and textures that capture the vibrancy of our world, both natural and man-made.  But travel means more to me than just photography.  To me, travel is all about learning from new places and cultures and finding unique ways to incorporate them into my daily life back home in D.C. through fashion, cooking, and home décor.  I feel it is so important to surround myself with pieces from my travels to keep me inspired throughout the day.

When I’m not on the road, you can find me dancing to bluegrass music in my kitchen and serving up homemade meals from scratch the way my mama taught me.




Email: info@chicvilleusa.com




  • Already planning my next trip to Africa, all of this wanderlust has me wondering if my love of travel is genetic! Having my DNA tested thanks to @aglobalhotelbrand to see if I have the "curious gene", I can't wait to find out! #sponsered #becurious @curiocollection
  • Keeping a weather eye on the horizon!
  • After a bit of shopping waiting on @americanviking83 to take me back to the boat!
  • Sunday Funday!!!!
  • Monte Carlo!
  • Slipping out the back exit after gambling at the Casino Monte Carlo!